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Saddle Up, Pal (CD)

Saddle Up, Pal (CD)

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Hillbilly yuckster by day, Saturday-morning-cartoon hero by night, Cowboy Dave and his band of honky-tonk all-stars are poised to put the western back in country and western. Known to many as the deadpanned FortyTwenty frontman and fiddle player, Cowboy Dave Wilson has spent the better part of this decade honing his craft throughout the honky-tonks of the Midwest and South.

The debut Cowboy Dave recording, a six-song EP, was released on Slackjaw Records. With the help and guidance of Emmy-nominated producer Greg Kincheloe, the album features an array of gritty, country-flavored cowbilly songs penned by Wilson.

1. Friend In A Bottle
2. Bill, Wyoming
3. Cowboy Dave Theme Song
4. Baptist Church Blues
5. Drug Around
6. Dimestore Cowboy


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